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Dan Pfaff

Owner - Pfaff Sports Consultancy

“Sticks” Smith was 5’7” and 140 lbs. He was a local kid
with absolutely no leg speed and a very limited skill set for his
event, the pole vault. But the high school he’d attended was
well known and respected, and his coach was a local legend
who’d graduated from our university. I remember our squad
was looking good that year. There was no need for us to lower
our standards, but Smith’s coach and academic advisor had
been hammering me nonstop to meet the kid and accept him
as an invited walk-on athlete. So I met him and his parents at
one of our last outdoor meets. His passion impressed me. So I
gave in and invited him onto the team. Also, his academic
record was excellent, so I figured that at worst, he could
mentor the other guys on our team who struggled in the
classroom 먹튀검증.

I never regretted my decision. “Sticks” was always the
first to arrive and the last to leave. He’d pick up trash after
every session, load the team bus for our equipment manager,
and carry bags for our trainers. Never once, during his whole
four-year career, did he ever ask for anything. Moreover,
“Sticks” was an extreme student of his event. He watched
hours of film, intelligently questioned all of our training
decisions, and relentlessly focused on improving everything we
defined as a KPI.

In his senior year, we encountered some injuries on the
team, and “Sticks” wound up being the last guy named to our
conference outdoor roster. In four years, he’d never made that
list. He was so excited, I thought he’d hurt himself during that
last week of training.

When we got to the meet, the weather was absolute
crap. Two of my better athletes failed to clear the opening
height. “Sticks” showed up to compete. He made several
heights on his last attempt and somehow wound up finishing
6th in a very strong league for pole vaulters. Watching him
that day was the highlight of my spring and probably the
highlight of his athletic career.

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